About The Agency

If you are reading this, it means you are one of the select few chosen to join the ranks of The Agency.

The common man fears many things: poverty, murder, death, nuclear war, etc, and he spends his whole life in the pursuit of safety. In truth, the man does not know true fear, but he does know true safety. In the name of America and her people, the FASA will ensure the safety of the common man. The FASA is everything that holds the American people above the pit that runs to the gates of hell and pain. The FASA is an ally to the common man of America, and is to be feared by all who stand in their path.

From the depths of the unknown comes crawling every manner of daemon and entity, subjecting mankind to their tyranny. The Agency will protect the American people and their republic from these demons. As a land under god, the Agency will defend and protect the American people from all forms of rapture that may come from the gates of hell.

Mankind must remain ignorant of our existence. It is our responsibility, and ours alone, to be the silent protector of America. The FASA is the last line of defense for the Americas against the unholy hordes of monstrosity that lurk in the darkness.

"The American Flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred."
-Adrian Cronauer

Nihil Obstat

-Director of the United States Anomalous Division

Mission Statement

The Agency operates under the eye and nose of the common man of America and works day and night to protect them from IOs (Irregular Objects) that lurk in plain sight. By preventing the masses from knowing the existence of the FASA and the IOs it protects them against, the United States of America will be able to defend against all dangers that may face it and raise it's flag high in the face of global chaos. The FASA will always assure the protection of America and American beliefs first, and the fate of the world outside of it second.

Our mission is simple:


The Agency can learn much from the anomalies it captures. More often than not, the study of anomalies will allow the United States of America to out-do their competition, even in the face of total technological eclipse.


The Agency swears allegiance to the red, white, and blue, and will defend America over the rest of the world. The Agency will destroy all anomalies that can pose a threat to the American way of life.


The Agency contains anomalies that cannot destroy in order to stop them from damaging the American way of life. The Agency works day and night to keep these anomalies away from the public eye by disguising them, relocating them, or destroying them.

Agency Operations

Despite the Agency's priority over America, the Agency maintains a presence across most of the globe. If an entity is detected on the grounds of an ally, The Agency will be there as fast as possible to protect them from threats. Almost nothing can hide from the Agency.

Containment Protocols

The Agency details and archives an extensive database of all captured, destroyed, or in-use anomalies, known colloquially as "IOs" or "Irregular Objects". The Agency database provides succinct summaries and respective usage guides, destruction logs, and containment protocols for IOs in order to facilitate research, containment, and emergency preparedness.

Operational Security

Maintaining secrecy at the Agency requires special care when divulging information to individuals. As a result, Agency staff are each assigned security clearance depending on their respective division and their role in the Agency. Personnel found violating security access protocols will be detained, interrogated, and otherwise "handled" at the discretion of Agency Administrators. The FASA has three divisions that comprise the Agency. Analysis, Administration, and Enforcement.

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