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[[include component:image-block name= | caption=A photograph of IO-051-1 (Taken by Osprey █████ of Odoacer's Rule)]]

Irregularity #: IO-041

Codename: Carpe Noctem

Irregularity Class: Flavus

Details of Containment: The area that IO-041 spans is to be placed under surveillance by ADDS Bravo-51 "Odoacer's Rule", a permanent team stationed in Rome under Aquila1. All instances of IO-041-1 are to be carefully watched to ensure that they remain within containment. All containment breaches are to be dealt with using high power ultraviolet light to avoid the potential of a Roseus Event.

The ruins that compose IO-041 are to be blocked off from the public at least two hours before the sun sets in █████, Rome. Any resistant parties are to be escorted out by members of Odoacer's Rule. Any further resistance should be handled accordingly at the discretion of all agents involved.

Description: IO-041 is a ruin of a Roman castle from an unknown point of the Roman Empire. IO-041 is in a heavy state of disrepair, and has many rooms that are unsafe to enter due to IO-041's current state. Despite all attempts of the Agency, all attempts to trace the history of IO-041 have failed for reasons currently unknown.

IO-041's anomalous properties will activate at some point during the night after the sun sets in █████, Rome. When IO-041's anomalous properties activate, a random number of basalt statuettes with golden skeletal features will appear within IO-041. These statuettes are to hereafter be referred to as IO-041-1. When the sun rises in █████, Rome, all instances of IO-041-1 will turn into basalt dust, and IO-041 will show no more anomalous properties.

IO-041-1 is a sentient basalt sculpture with golden features. They exhibit intelligence, tactical competence, and incredible violence toward all human life. Some instances of IO-041-1 feature basalt weaponry such as swords, shields, spears, etc. All attempts to communicate with IO-041-1 have resulted in violence against the interviewer from IO-041-1. All attempts to destroy instances of IO-041-1 using normal means have proven to be less effective than if used on a non-anomalous statue.

Additional Note #: It has been noticed that contact with UV light has caused the same effect as sunlight in IO-041-1. This was discovered during an experiment performed by Odoacer's Rule with the approval of Aquila.

Proposal of Destruction: Due to the nature of IO-041 and it's cultural importance to the people of Rome, IO-041 cannot be officially destroyed without arising mild suspicion. However, since the existence of IO-041-1 is unknown, UV lamps and lights can be installed within IO-041-1 and in the surrounding grounds to stop instances of IO-041 from staying generated.

Proposal of Usage: Instances of IO-041-1 could hypothetically be used as an emergency stock of soldiers if they can be equipped with a means to be used during the day. Due to their enhanced capabilities, they would make a good soldier if they can be pointed in the direction of an opponent

Proposal Verdict: The Presidential Committee has not yet determined an action to be taken against IO-041. A result from the Presidential Committee is currently pending.


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IO-041 | Carpe Noctem by General 4chinsGeneral 4chins, 27 Aug 2018 05:12

Below is a list of Cliches that you should avoid when making anything, as well as IOs.

This isn't the law since anything can be great if done right, but if your aim is to make a good article without this in mind, it's best to try to avoid it.

This doesn't mean you can't have them in your article / tale, but when using them the burden of making them good or interesting becomes harder.

The List

Performance Enhancers

If it makes a novice an expert, a stick a laser rifle, or a file into a sword, it's most likely falling into this category. They can be done well if done properly, but outside of that it's incredibly cliche and less of an anomaly than something unpredictable.

Reality Benders

Overpowered Objects

You can't contain it if it's too overpowered.

Self Replicators

There is no "C" for create in "anomaly", but there is a "C" in cliche. Please steer clear of this one for the sake of writing clarity.

Previously Existing Items

No light sabers, no gravity guns, no portal guns, no facehuggers or HL2 vortigaunts. Be as original as possible.

Unknown Metals / Compounds

Insanity/Sanity Producers

Resource Pigs

If the killer robot only operates on diamonds, the FASA would simply save money and not give it diamonds. Please avoid resource pig IOs.

IOs that Need Other Ones to Exist.

Imitation is flattering, but it's not very fun to read.

Undeniable Lovable Objects

Incomprehensible Items

Inmate Disposals

If it serves as a black-hole for devouring Inmates or resources, you're most likely falling into this cliche. The FASA protects the rights of most inmates (non-death sentence ones), and will only throw away death-sentence inmates if it has to.

Time Travelling Items

Everyone has seen Dr. Who. Please steer away from this one unless it's interesting and well written.

Zombies, Aliens, Spaceships

Everlasting Power Supplies

Enigma Spewers

If it just mutters random words for no real reason it's most likely going to be thrown into a hydraulic press.

Cliches to Avoid by General 4chinsGeneral 4chins, 23 Aug 2018 00:03
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