Groups of Interest

Groups of Interest


Groups of Interest (Shortened to GOIs) are defined as any group that is not directly related to a government and utilizes anomalies or knowledge of anomalies to achieve it's goals. This also pertains to groups that are anomalous in nature or groups that seek to expose the existence of anomalies on a large scale. Organizations must be carefully monitored to ensure that they do not take action against the United States or the Agency.

Due to the limited resources of the Agency, the size and strength of GOIs must be understood to the greatest capacity possible. Groups are assigned a ranking from T1 to T5 that presents their size relative to the Agency. A template for Groups of Interest can be found here.

Size Levels


Lord's Own


Overview: Lord's Own is a North American and European based organization characterized by its belief in figures similar or identical to the traditional Catholic depiction of God, as well as any teaching related to said figures. This organization believes that the existence of anomalies proves the existence of God, going on to claim every anomaly is a gift from God for a specific purpose. When questioned, they will claim the reasoning of most anomalies as the punishment of those who display beliefs different to Lord's Own or are part of groups that Lord's Own deems requiring of correction.

Lord's Own has been traced to multiple large and small scale hate crimes/terrorist attacks against the LGBT community and other religious organizations with the aid of anomalous entitles. Lord's Own fronts as numerous non-anomalous organizations to situate the construction and operation of conversion therapy centers/camps, conduct religious schooling or create religious media, most of which secretly use or create anomalies in some way. Lord's Own is led by three high consorts of the Lord, who oversee the operation, finance and planning of most actions partaken by Lord's Own, the identity of these individuals is unknown. It is theorized that Don Alden Adams or Morgan Freeman may be one of them, though these theories are shallow at best.

Handling Procedure: Lord's Own believes that the FASA is in need of correction, and is hostile toward the Agency as a result. They have attempted to sabotage the Agency through covert operations and attempted seizure of numerous anomalies held by the FASA.

AET-Perseus-7 "Heretics" was formed with the expressed purpose of combating Lord's Own. Operations to neutralize the group have been attempted, yet none have been successful. Current operations to neutralize Lord's Own are still ongoing.

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