Groups of Interest

Groups of Interest are groups and organizations that pose a threat to either the world or the United States itself.


GoI Name:

Threat Level: G-(1-3)

Description: (A basic description of the GOI)

FASA Priority: (What FASA needs to do about this group)

Threat Level:

G-1: A G-1 group either contains anomalies in synchronization with the Agency or is not explicitly dangerous to the U.S., FASA, or the world, but still must be monitored in case of sudden development.

G-2: A G-2 group contains anomalies without knowledge of or permission from FASA. While the majority of their anomalies may not be dangerous or memetic, some are and the group may be capable of causing a regional ER-Class Breach. The Agency may or may not be monitored via double-agents.

G-3: A G-1 group contains and may use anomalies either dangerously or extremely recklessly. The Agency is either currently attempting to enter or has multiple double-agents inside of this group, and monitors the group daily.

GoI Name: The Fisikous Institute

Threat Level: G-3

Description: The Fisikous Institute is based in the Northern Ukraine, and runs entirely undercover inside of a government facility. The Fisikous Institute uses and reverse-engineers anomalies to create weapons and tools for the government. The Fisikous Institute is run by ex-KGB members and makes use of multiple ex-Cold War anomalies to create and destroy weapons for the Fisikous Institute to defend themselves. They sell their anomalous weapons to the highest bidder, using the money they receive to purchase anomalies and weapons off the black market. The Fisikous Institute is currently classified as a G-3 GoI, as there is no way to determine what they are doing as of yet.

FASA Priority: FASA is currently attempting to enter the Fisikous Institute undercover to expose the illicit business and shutdown the entire operation. In the event of a Fisikous breach or deliberate anomalous release, it is to be classified a Class-ER or Class-FS Breach Scenario and multiple A.R.U. Squads are to be sent to neutralize the Institute.


GoI Name: Panda Monium

Threat Level: G-1

Description: Panda Monium is a Japanese TV Show that began airing in 1987. It features a two Japanese hosts (one male, one female) of unknown identity. However, these hosts go by "Panda" and "Mona" respectively. Every episode they gather ten contestants of various ethnicities and backgrounds to "Experience Pandamonium." They are sent through dangerous and often anomalous trials that are pinned on "state of the art special effects" by the shows producers. The trials continue until one contestant remains, and they will receive an expensive (or anomalous) prize. All nine other contestants are often never seen again or are drastically changed after their experiences on the show. They gain their revenue from unknown sponsors, as well as advertisers on their popular TV show.

FASA Priority: The FASA will have Inmate class personnel stationed to watch the show, and report any changes in behavior from the TV show. Sleeper agents are to placed in Japan to spy on their production studios.

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