IO-041 "Carpe Noctem"
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A photograph of IO-051-1 (Taken by Osprey █████ of Odoacer's Rule)

Irregularity #: IO-041

IO Class: Flavus

Details of Containment: The area that IO-041 spans is to be placed under surveillance by ADDS Bravo-51 "Odoacer's Rule", a permanent team stationed in Rome under Aquila1. All instances of IO-041-1 are to be carefully watched to ensure that they remain within containment. All containment breaches are to be dealt with using high power ultraviolet light to avoid the potential of a Roseus Event.

The ruins that compose IO-041 are to be blocked off from the public at least two hours before the sun sets in █████, Rome. Any resistant parties are to be escorted out by members of Odoacer's Rule. Any further resistance should be handled accordingly at the discretion of all agents involved.

Description: IO-041 is a ruin of a Roman castle from an unknown point of the Roman Empire. IO-041 is in a heavy state of disrepair, and has many rooms that are unsafe to enter due to IO-041's current state. Despite all attempts of the Agency, all attempts to trace the history of IO-041 have failed for reasons currently unknown.

IO-041's anomalous properties will activate at some point during the night after the sun sets in █████, Rome. When IO-041's anomalous properties activate, a random number of basalt statuettes with golden skeletal features will appear within IO-041. These statuettes are to hereafter be referred to as IO-041-1. When the sun rises in █████, Rome, all instances of IO-041-1 will turn into basalt dust, and IO-041 will show no more anomalous properties.

IO-041-1 is a sentient basalt sculpture with golden features. They exhibit intelligence, tactical competence, and incredible violence toward all human life. Some instances of IO-041-1 feature basalt weaponry such as swords, shields, spears, etc. All attempts to communicate with IO-041-1 have resulted in violence against the interviewer from IO-041-1. All attempts to destroy instances of IO-041-1 using normal means have proven to be less effective than if used on a non-anomalous statue.

Additional Note #: It has been noticed that contact with UV light has caused the same effect as sunlight in IO-041-1. This was discovered during an experiment performed by Odoacer's Rule with the approval of Aquila.

Proposal of Destruction: Due to the nature of IO-041 and it's cultural importance to the people of Rome, IO-041 cannot be officially destroyed without arising mild suspicion. However, since the existence of IO-041-1 is unknown, UV lamps and lights can be installed within IO-041-1 and in the surrounding grounds to stop instances of IO-041 from staying generated.

Proposal of Usage: Instances of IO-041-1 could hypothetically be used as an emergency stock of soldiers if they can be equipped with a means to be used during the day. Due to their enhanced capabilities, they would make a good soldier if they can be pointed in the direction of an opponent

Proposal Verdict: The Presidential Committee has not yet determined an action to be taken against IO-041. A result from the Presidential Committee is currently pending.

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