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Hawk Manny Quinn, 20 year standing Hawk of Iceland.

Irregularity #: IO-ICELAND-J

Codename: Gyrfalcon1

Irregularity Class: Viridis

Details of Containment: Due to the helpful nature of IO-ICELAND-J to the Agency, IO-ICELAND-J is not to be contained at any Site, and is to hold the position of Hawk for Iceland. IO-ICELAND-J's family is to be placed in Iceland and watched carefully to avoid public discovery. All food, clothing, etc. are to be brought to IO-ICELAND-J by a team of Osprey stationed in Iceland that are not currently assigned to a mission.

Description: IO-ICELAND-J is a sapient white mannequin adorning a Honor Guard Airman uniform of the United States Air Force. IO-ICELAND-J has shown to be highly intelligent, and has shown a strong allegiance to the American Flag. IO-ICELAND-J has been working with the Agency for twenty years, and was appointed as the Icelandic Hawk five years ago.

IO-ICELAND-J has been married to a lingerie mannequin he met at a K-Mart in ████, Pennsylvania for the last five years, and they have had three mannequin "children" through unknown means. Despite the lingerie mannequin being non-anomalous prior to interactions with IO-ICELAND-J, the mannequin in question now shows sapience and above average levels of intelligence. IO-ICELAND-J, despite being mannequins, show motor functionality and movement capabilities equal to (if not greater than) the average human.

Proposal of Destruction: IO-ICELAND-J should be destroyed by placing him, his "family" and all mannequins he has come into contact with over the past three years into an incinerator. On Site Guard should be there to enforce the burning.

Proposal of Usage: IO-ICELAND-J should be allowed to continue in his position as Gyrfalcon, despite his anomalous status. IO-ICELAND-J has shown to be incredibly helpful to the people of the United States, as well as Iceland, and no reason is currently present to destroy them.

Proposal Verdict: The Presidential Committee has decided that IO-ICELAND-J should be allowed to continue working with the FASA, despite their anomalous properties.

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