Joke IOs

This is an index of all the "joke" articles on the FASA Database. If you are interested in contributing a Joke IO, keep the following in mind:

  • Joke IOs must be funny. Site members will generally down-vote jokes that they don't find funny.
  • Pop culture and video game references don't work when done straight. Just as with main series IOs about mythology or folklore, it generally won't work unless you add a healthy dose of Foundation-flavored twist to it. Megumins and gravity guns simply won't cut it.
  • The Joke index is not a dump box for ideas that didn't make the cut for the main series. Joke IOs are generally considered harder to write than main-series SCPs and are one of the top three most difficult things for new authors to write about (along with Humanoids and Rubrum-class objects).
  • Please don't randomly write things here. Just don't. If you want to write a joke IO, think it out.

IO-ICELAND-J - Gyrfalcon Manny Quinn

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