Object Classification:

Primary Classes

These are the commonly used Object Classes used for IO Classification in articles, and are used in a majority of the objects / entities.



Albus class IOs are anomalies that are fully understood and pose no threat to the United States, exhibit no more anomalous properties, or have been successfully destroyed. Neutralized RPCs pose no danger to the United States of America or the world.



The Viridis threat class represents all anomalies that pose a small or otherwise minimal threat the the United States, or has proven usable by the FASA in the field. Objects of this class are to be flagged for destruction with heavy consideration for usage by the FASA.



All objects in this class are to carefully contained before being flagged for destruction or careful usage by the FASA. Objects of this class pose a moderate risk to the United States. All objects that cannot be destroyed are to be placed at minimum in this category.



This threat class is composed of the more violent, volatile, and unpredictable anomalies that the FASA has encountered. These objects are to be heavily research for a means of destruction, containment, or incredibly careful usage.



Rubrum-Class anomalies are the most dangerous anomalies held by the FASA, and are to be treated with the greatest caution. All anomalies placed in this category are to be contained under maximum security until a 100% certain means of destruction can be calculated. All Rubrum class threats are to be stored out of country whenever possible to avoid dangers in the event of a containment breach.

Extra Classes

These are specialized object classes that are used for special IOs, and should not be used in large excess.



These anomalies cannot be contained or destroyed, despite the best efforts of the FASA and other anomalous groups in the world. Exitium class threats are to be mentioned to all known anomalous groups to attempt to save the world from the absolutely insurmountable threat that is an Exitium class anomaly.



Roseus class anomalies are anomalies that have become so well documented by the public that they cannot be contained or removed from the public knowledge. Anomalies like these are to be heavily monitored to avoid development of anomalies.

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