The following is an excerpt from a manual located by Agent Wells on ██/12/████. The Agency received this from an unknown source designated M-001. M-001 first contacted Agent Wells roughly 13 days before the drop, expressing his will to defect from the organization he was working for, as well as delivering a device of incredible virtue to FASA. On the day of the drop, M-001 did not arrive, and this torn page was found approximately 12 meters away from the designated location.

It is current belief that M-001's communication with FASA was discovered and that his organization apprehended him at the drop area. M-001 has not responded to any messages sent after ██/12/.


…as a precaution against misuse by any other personnel.


The Omninovameter is powered by three Micro-Quantum Cores, of any make or model, but preferably manufactured by ████████. As each individual Core must be running for complete device functionality, it is recommended that the device Cores be checked at least quarterly. Lax checking procedures will result in a formal review by the Company, and perhaps dismission and termination.

In case of meltdown due to lax checking procedures, remove all 3 cores IMMEDIATELY and deliver the device to the Maintenance zone at your area. The quicker it's returned, the less the punishment will be. If you dispose of the device or do not return it within 36 hours of meltdown, it will result in instant termination from the Company, bar certain circumstances.

Device Usage:

This is a specific device calibrated and designed for measuring the Astrialomnikineticism of stars. The device, known as the Deronically Exhibitive Kinecizer, or DEK, determines whether certain stars have a kZ level of .63 or above. Stars that fall into this category are known as "living stars", while any other stars are non-anomalous entities, or "dead stars". Living stars are sentient, and thus the DEK measures their kZ level without using Cobalt, as this could potentially alert them to the companies plans.

The device must be pointed directly at the star, and must be using it's 5C feature until the exact second that the DEK lasuron engages. Upon the engaging of all 4 lasuron prisms, the DEK is to be switched to 6C on the same frequency as before. The second (shown below) is used to…

This is the only recovered fragment that FASA currently has.

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