Ranking, Divisions, and Security

Divisions & Ranking

Analysis Division

The Analysis Division is the group directly responsible for all research, analysis, and studying related to all Documented Anomalies (DA) in the possession of the FASA. This Division is composed almost entirely of scientists and researchers of various specializations. They draft the plans for containment, utilization, and destruction of all DAs that come to the FASA. It is their responsibility to conduct experimentation, study, and research on anomalous objects, as well as to produce anomalous objects when the opportunity to safely do so is available.

Ranking System

Prospective Scientist (Tier 0)

Prospective Scientists are people found within the United States of America (or allied countries) who have shown the mental capacity and intelligence to work with the FASA. They are to be treated as non-personnel until the end of their conventional education. At this point, they are to be confronted with an invitation to the FASA. If they refuse, they will be treated with high tier amnestics, and removed from the FASA Personnel Database. If they accept, they will be promoted to Tier 1.

Initiate Scientists (Tier 1)

People who accept the call of the FASA should be brought to a local FASA Education Center, where they will spend the next five years of their life receiving special education from dedicated Tier 4 Senior Researchers, who will teach them everything they need to know about Documented Anomalies and FASA Equipment. Upon the completion of their five year course, they are to be assigned a Site and be sent there via cheapest means available per area.

Associate Scientist (Tier 2)

Associate Scientists is a term that refers to all recently graduating scientists who have recently been assigned an FASA Site. They are to be taught what they'll need to know for their particular site based on it's special conditions. They must work as an associate scientist for eight years before being promoted to Standard Researcher. All scientists from this point forward (Tier 2+) are permitted to formally request a Site Change to Administration1

Standard Researcher (Tier 3)

This rank is given to all scientists that are active and have worked on-site at any site for at least 8 years. These researchers are the standard researchers of the FASA, and will most likely stay at this rank. Scientists who have shown to excel in the anomalous field will be promoted to Senior Researcher, at the discretion of The Research Head (Tier 5).

Senior Researcher Rank (Tier 4)

Senior Researchers are veteran researchers that have proven tremendous worth to the FASA. All Senior Researchers must meet at the FASA HQ (Area-050) for a meeting where all the Director Class Personnel will be present. This meeting will discuss the progress of the Analysis Division and determine the yearly milestones and goals of the Division. These researchers are to hold authority over researchers in their field.

The Lead Researchers (Tier 5)

The Lead Researchers are researchers that have proved their capabilities to the Agency and have been elevated to the highest possible rank of the Agency's scientific division. There are only 100 Lead Researchers in the entirety of the FASA Organization. In addition to being the most respected and highly prioritized scientists in the Agency, they also compose the ASRC (Anomalous Sciences Review Counsel). Every two months, the ASRC meet to discuss various protocols and procedures surrounding various anomalies. The ASRC determines the AUS (ASCR Usability Score) of an anomaly, and ultimately determines whether they should be used by the Agency, destroyed by the Agency, or contained indefinitely by the Agency.

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