Writing Guide


Welcome to the FASA Database. Chances are that you are here because you have been inspired by the articles that you have seen on our website or websites similar and would like to create your own works. You likely have a lot of above-average ideas just waiting to blossom into amazing ideas with the right care.

It is strongly suggested that you read some articles to get a strong idea of the types of things we write about before you start writing yourself, the tone of your work is quite important on a site like this.


Often considered the first step of any writing process, brainstorming is equally as important in anomalous writing. When you are beginning to come up with a concept for an article, it's important to consider a few things.
  • Is the concept interesting and original?
  • Is the concept logically consistent? Does it make sense?
  • Is it something that fits well within the scale and scope of the FASA universe?
  • Is it the type of story that works well when put into writing

We recommend you to keep these four fundamentals of FASA writing in mind when you're drafting an article or coming up with a concept. It's important to remember that the reader does not exist within the confines of your mind. It's important that you can write a concept that is both understandable and interesting to an outside viewer. Feel free to be as creative as you would please, but make sure that other people can understand what you are trying to write.

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